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James Taris did ... for 400 days!

James Taris has stayed for FREE in:

ASIA - China, Japan
EUROPE - England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Wales
AFRICA - Morocco, South Africa
OCEANEA - Australia, New Zealand

... and maybe you can too!

Travel Without Money
Travel Without Money
- Workshop Manual
Athens to Santorini
- From antiquity to paradise

About the book

Aussie Guest in China
- A taste of the East

About the book

Travel Without Money Adventures
About the book

Global Quest for Local LETS
- My Europe, South Africa and Japan LETS Tours - 2002

About the book

Land of the LETS Green Dollar
- My New Zealand LETS Tour - 2003

About the book

400-Day LETS Odyssey
- My World LETS Tour - 2003/4

About the book

The Globetrotting LETSaholic
- Travelling the world on LETS

About the book

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Why pay to travel when you can travel to any part of the planet without paying any money at all!

Doesn’t make sense?

Well, this is the place where all will be revealed to you by James Taris who has already travelled overseas several times without using any money for accommodation, meals, domestic transport, sight-seeing tours and internet access.

And once you’re ready, and learned the TRAVEL WITHOUT MONEY secrets, you may be able to travel without money too.

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FREE Online Travel eBooks

May 25 , 2007 -
Woke up in a good mood today, so I've placed 3 of my travel books FREE ONLINE for your enjoyment ... just to get your "travel tastebuds" going.

NOW FREE ONLINE: Global Quest For Local LETS
NOW FREE ONLINE: Land of the LETS Green Dollar

Too good for an ebook

Oct 31, 2005 -
After publishing 18 ebooks on my web site http://www.JamesTaris.com I have decided to publish my next 2 books, Travel Without Money and Travel Without Money - Workshop Manual, as bound books rather than ebooks. Public interest in these 2 books continues to grow weekly, and I would be doing the public, my books, and myself, a huge injustice if I settled for 2 more ebook publications.

The difference could be as extreme as 200 ebook sales compared to 200,000 bound-book sales! (Ouch!!!)

So, I'm now looking for a publisher with a good international distribution network. But if you know of such a publisher and can recommend me to them, please ask them to contact me at JamesTaris@gmail.com to discuss a publishing contract.

As the book sales and distribution will now be the publishers domain, I will notify you of the new release date for these books as soon as a publisher is found and negotiations completed.

In the meantime, you can read about my Travel Without Money travels in my other ebooks (in the left-hand margin). In fact, here's a ...


When you purchase one of my ebooks
I will give you a FREE EBOOK
from my complete ebook collection.

(as displayed at
http://www.JamesTaris.com ).


Happy travelling,
James Taris

Travel ebook releases

Jul 15, 2005 -
Well, I've been pretty busy since September and am pleased to say that I've already got 7 travel ebooks available for purchase. These books are full of exciting, and often humorous, experiences which will entertain and inspire you to look forward to your own travel-without-money adventures.

My ebooks, Travel Without Money and Travel Without Money - Workshop Manual, will be released by the end of this year (ahead of schedule!). As promised, they will be full of all the how-to you will need to know so you can emulate my recent global journeys. Of course, if you've subscribed to my FREE Travel Without Money Tips I'll email you as soon as these ebooks are available.

Just take a look at the list of contents to see what I have in store for you ...

Happy travelling,
James Taris

Travel Without Money LIBRARY soon to be released

Sep 27, 2004 -
Due to irreconsilable differences with my publisher, we are no longer in negotiations. This has now enabled me to focus on all the different aspects of my travels and make available a larger selection of books.

I have chosen to self-publish these in order to retain full control of all parts of the publishing process. I plan to release these works at various times throughout 2005 and 2006.

Happy travelling,
James Taris

Publishing my Travel Without Money book

Sep 15, 2004 -
In July I was approached by a HUGE publisher in Sydney and asked if I'd be interested in having them publish my book, Travel Without Money. Of course I said YES! Since then I've submitted my book proposal which was accepted.

Now we're negotiating the contract terms. It's not my favourite pastime, but it's got to be done in such a way that I don't lose my right to many other options, including running Travel Without Money seminars and workshops. In the meantime, I'm overseas again, writing the book from scratch.

Happy travelling,
James Taris



Chapter 1 – From Non-Traveller to World Traveller (introduction)
Chapter 2 – The Globe-Trotting LETSaholic (the events which made o/s travel possible)
Chapter 3 – Join the 4 billion (why it's important to build a personal web site)
Chapter 4 – Make a Passion Statement (how to find your niche market)
Chapter 5 – Be a Web Celeb (how to build a theme directory)
Chapter 6 – Find Every Link (how to find every relevant link on the internet)
Chapter 7 – Feed the Faithful (why you should provide a free newsletter to your members)
Chapter 8 – Make an Offer Too Good to Refuse (how to find international hosts)
Chapter 9 – The Secret Ingredients (the 2 reasons why hosts will accept your offer)
Chapter 10 – The Freebies (what you can request from your hosts)
Chapter 11 – Swap All Your Cares Away (why trading is the best way to repay your host)
Chapter 12 – Your Guardian Angels (make sure to satisfy your host's needs)
Chapter 13 – The Ideal Guest (how to make yourself welcomed)
Chapter 14 – The Nuts and Bolts (how to prepare for your trip)
Chapter 15 – Have Fun in the Sun … or Snow (make sure to enjoy your stay)
Chapter 16 – Share Your Personal Story (share your experiences and don't lecture)
Chapter 17 – Blow Your Own Trumpet (how to promote yourself continuously)
Chapter 18 – Smile For Your Camera (why you should take lots of travel photos )
Chapter 19 – Be a Media Magnet (how to attract media attention and benefit from it)
Chapter 20 – Find Your Golden Chalice (your travels can offer unforseen opportunities)


Workshop Manual

(the nitty-gritty of the Travel Without Money system)
Chapter 1 – How to Design Your Personal Web Site
Chapter 2 – How to Discover Your Web Theme
Chapter 3 – How to Design Your International Theme Directory
Chapter 4 – How to Gather Your Links
Chapter 5 – How to Design Your Newsletter
Chapter 6 – How to Contact Your Overseas Hosts
Chapter 7 – How to Write Your Presentation
Chapter 8 – How to Write Your Travel Diary
Chapter 9 – How to Take Your Travel Photos
Chapter 10 - How to Promote Yourself
Chapter 11 - Sample Personal Web Site
Chapter 12 - Sample Theme Selection
Chapter 13 - Sample Theme Directory
Chapter 14 - Sample Link Request emails
Chapter 15 - Sample Newsletter
Chapter 16 - Sample Travel Offer Emails
Chapter 17 - Sample Presentation
Chapter 18 - Sample Travel Diary
Chapter 19 - Sample Travel Photos
Chapter 20 - Sample Media Interview

In the meantime, enjoy my travel ebooks. In fact, do more than that. As you read, put yourself in my shoes. After all, very soon it could be you!

Happy travelling,
James Taris

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